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Our current bus routes are shown below with full timetables. If pick-up and drop-off times need to be changed because of roadworks or weather, they will be shown in the "Stop Press Ticker" in the header of this page. If your are in doubt about times, routes or scheduling or you need any other information, please don’t hesitate to ring us on 01434 381200

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If you need further information than the routes below please contact Traveline.

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Route 889 (Tues)

Alston to Hexham via Carrshield - Tuesdays only 

Alston (Spar)08.50
Town Head Bus Stop09.00
Nenthead (Central Garage)09.15
Steward Station09.50
Langley Road end09.55
Haydon Bridge (Bridge End)10.00
Hexham (Wentworth)10.15

Hexham to Alston via Carrshield - Tuesdays only 

Hexham (Wentworth)14.00
Hexham, Bus Station14.02
Haydon Bridge (Bridge End Bus Stop)14.15
Langley Road End14.20
Steward Station14.25
Nenthead (Central Garage)15.00
Alston, Town Head Bus Stop15.10
Alston (Spar)15.15

Route 889W

Nenthead to Alston

Nenthead, Central Garage11.00
Nenthead Town Head Bus Stop11.10
Alston, Town Foot11.15

Alston to Nenthead


Alston, Town Foot
Alston, Town Head Bus Stop
Nenthead, Central Garage12.40

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